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   The picture on the left (below) shows an image intensifier / camera combination in the AP view. The corresponding angiogram of a dominant right coronary artery is shown on the right. The various projections are discussed in detail in other portions of this lesson.
    You may click on the buttons to toggle between the LAO and RAO projections, or to have a freeze frame of the angiogram labeled for you.

Legend: SA=Sino-atrial node branch; RV=Right ventricular  branch; AM=Acute marginal branch; AV=atrio-ventricular branch; RPLA=Right posterolateral branch; RPDA=Right posterior descending artery: AV plane=Atrioventricular plane: IV Septum=Intraventricular septum.

   The diagram on the topleft shows a dominant RCA system, as described on the previous screen, while the diagram on the top right shows a nondomiant RCA system. Note that the latter supplies branches to the right ventricle but does not give rise to the PDA, nor does it continue past the AV groove to supply the PLA branches

  The "cine" on the left demonstrates the angiograms of a non-dominant RCA system in the RAO and LAO projections. Click on the buttons at the bottom of the angios to toggle betweenthe two views or to get a labeled freeze frame.

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