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   WJ is a 62 year old AA female with hypertension, Type II insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and chronic renal insufficiency. The patient was admitted to the ED with a 12 hour complaint of new onset intermittent rest and nocturnal angina. Her BP is 150/90 mm Hg, pulse is regular at 80/min and respirations are unlabored at 20/min. There is an S4 gallop at the apex. Lungs are clear, abdomen is unremarkable and there is no pitting edema.
The serum BUN/Cr are 36/2.4 mg/dl, while the remainder of the BMP is WNL. CBC is unremarkable and cardiac enzymes are negative. Chest x-ray shows an uncoiled aorta and no acute abnormality.
Her EKG demonstrated a sinus mechanism with 2 mm ST depression in the inferior and lateral leads:

Which of the following is not indicated in the management of this patient?

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